ASN’s Scion-collection database.

Here’s a link to our scion-collection database. Another 100% volunteer-driven effort from ASN. Please enter details of scion you have collected in our google form database, here.



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3 responses to “ASN’s Scion-collection database.

  1. Hal Hurst

    Couldn’t attend the Jan 7 event, but reviewing Nick’s video it occurs to me that I will have some scion to contribute when I prune my plum tree, a sweet yellow plum which was a heavy producer in this, my first year on the property. Tree is not tagged, so I can’t say what the variety is. Maybe I’ll label it Folly Golden Plum. It produced about 150 pounds last summer, and has produced some good plum sauce and wine. Question is- how much scion should I shoot for to make a contribution to the various fairs?

  2. Jerry Allen

    This is so totally cool. We moved to Selma, Oregon and have planted 2 orchards on our land. This is like the Rare Fruit Growers Exchange in Sebastopol, CA where we used to live. I’m so excited!

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