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Supporting Neighborhood Interdependence

2016 fair preparations



Pen and paint on scrap paper


Our first planning meeting. Nick and Chris strategizing scion collecting across our bioregion.



Waiting for the frost to lift off the trees before collecting scion on a sunsplashed January morning in Yoncalla, OR.


Into the grapes at Nick Botner’s to cut scion.


Long days cutting and long nights sorting.




The core group of organizers begins to gather at our traditional meeting venue, New Day Bakery in the Whit.


This year, our first visit to Queener’s Orchard in Stayton, OR, to collect scion.


A plumcot, the first fruit tree among thousands to come into full bloom at Nick Botner’s orchard.

Author: Nick Routledge

I'm a Paradise Gardener.

5 thoughts on “2016 fair preparations

  1. I LOVE you guys! This is the first yeart I’ve heard of your seed/scion exchange and I’m looking forward to being there. I’m a Jackson County (Medford) Master Gardener, trying to organize Jackson County / southern Oregon seed swaps.

    Mary Kelly
    Master Gardener / Seed Saver

    • You might check in with Brad Smith who will be at the event and is hosting a scion exchange down your way in the aftermath of ours.

      • I would love a contact for either of these folks in southern Oregon, i am interested in helping host and exchange down here, also want to know if the lane county exchange will be held in 2017? If so do you have a tentative date? thanks.

      • Hi, Ruby. Yes, we are planning a revamp of our prop fair scene this year, supporting distributed events as distinct from one large one. I’d love to put you in touch with the s. Oregon folks. Quick question. Are you on Facebook? It’s where we organize. You can text me directly at 541.515.2539

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